Saturday, September 13, 2014

Enabling SSL for Genesys URS/HTTP Bridge


In this post I'm going to show how to get the Genesys Universal Routing Server (URS) HTTP Bridge capable of handling SSL connections.  The bridge is used to enable traditional Genesys routing strategies to access external SOAP or REST web services.  SSL integration is not well-documented in the product docs, so I'll save you some of my pain here (Linux deployment).


Firstly, you need to install the Genesys "Security Pack."  That software bundle isn't included with URS, but has the SSL libraries necessary for URS to access HTTPS-based web services.  After it is installed, you need to ensure the URS process has its LD_LIBRARY_PATH variable set to the directory where you put the Security Pack.  I made a shell script for starting up URS and added this command to it:

export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=$LD_LIBRARY_PATH:/opt/genesys/secpack

Now that URS can find its SSL libraries, now you need to tell it where to find its Certificate Authority (CA).  Interestingly enough, the product will actually trust a self-generated CA.  In any case, you have to set a URS configuration option that tells it where to go for that CA file.  Below is a screen-shot of the config option that needs to be set (def_trusted_ca).

Figure 1

And that's it.  Assuming you have a valid CA file, you should be able access HTTPS web services from a Genesys routing strategy with the above mods.

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